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Find out more about Avery Graphics' commitment to Sustainability.

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Hosted by Avery GRS, these are industry events not to be missed! Combining both practical (hands-on) training with concise and informative theory, our workshop has been designed to give you an intimate training session with personal one-to-one attention.

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Global Press Releases

Avery Dennison Foundation Awards First "Spirit of Invention" Scholarships to University Students in China

18 June 2008

Shanghai, China; June 6, 2008 – The Avery Dennison Foundation today awarded ”Spirit of Invention” Scholarship awards to 12 outstanding university students, its first scholarships in China designed to inspire the spirit of innovation among university students studying in the engineering, science and technology fields. The grants are US$1,000 each and are renewable for two years. The awarding of the scholarships launches the Foundation’s signature program, called “InvEnt: Spirit of Invention,” in China. The program represents the Foundation’s commitment to foster the spirit of invention and innovation in business leadership and technological advancement. In addition to the scholarships, the program includes a ‘’Spirit of Invention” workshop for award recipients, to be held June 7, as well as a dynamic, interactive speaker series for interested members of the academic community at participating universities beginning later this year. The InvEnt program complements the policy on scientific innovation in the Chinese government’s 11th five year plan. The Avery Dennison Foundation was established by Avery Dennison Corporation as its philanthropic arm. Avery Dennison, a Fortune 500 company, is the global leader in producing pressure-sensitive labeling materials, retail tags and tickets and office products. The Company employs nearly 14,000 people at 20 facilities in Mainland China and Hong Kong. The scholarship ceremony was held at the Philip M. Neal Research Center in Kunshan, China, which the Company opened last year as its first research center outside the United States. “As a major investor and employer in China, Avery Dennison is committed to sharing our values of integrity, service, teamwork, innovation, excellence and community with others in China,” explained Diane B. Dixon, President of the Avery Dennison Foundation. “The name of this scholarship program – ‘InvEnt’, a combination of ‘innovation’ and ‘entrepreneurship’ – underscores our commitment to inspiring invention among outstanding students in technical fields, so they can become leaders in innovation and invention in China.” Dagang Li, vice-president and managing director of Avery Dennison’s Roll Materials China, said, “In addition to giving financial support to individual students in China, the ‘Spirit of Invention’ Program helps to develop young professionals with skills in inventive thinking to compete in the global marketplace. This is vitally important for the continued economic and technological development of China.” Awardees were recruited in their freshman year from three universities – Beijing Institute of Graphic Communications, South China University of Technology, and University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. Each of the 12 “InvEnt” scholars was chosen for his or her high academic standing and potential to think innovatively, based on proposals for inventions he or she submitted as part of the scholarship application process. “There are inventions everywhere in our daily life,” said Yini Wu, one of the “InvEnt” award recipients.“I learn to make use of the resources within my reach to solve problems so as to cultivate my interest and broaden my horizon. Hard-working teenagers can fire out the sparks of invention on the road to success.” The “InvEnt:Spirit of Innovation” Program is administered for the Avery Dennison Foundation by the Institute of International Education (IIE) and the China Scholarship Council.