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MPI 2006 Hi-Tack

11 July 2012


Avery Dennison’s new MPI 2006 Hi-Tack delivers peace of mind through superior adhesion

The introduction of Avery Dennison's MPI 2006 Hi-Tack extends our industry leading range of MPI 2000 premium polymeric series to include a hi-tack adhesive option.

MPI 2006 Hi-Tack is perfect for both indoor and outdoor architectural, fleet and general signage applications. From uneven painted and textured surfaces to concrete pillars and walls, through to low surface energy substrates like plastics, this film can be used across a range of difficult to adhere surfaces.

With outstanding outdoor durability, excellent application at low temperatures, and a high gloss for superior finish, it's your solution for hard-to-stick surfaces, and it now comes in two sizes - 25m and 50m rolls.

"The specially formulated solvent acrylic adhesive provides superior adhesion on low surface energy substrates including HDPE and other difficult to adhere surfaces, providing our customers with full confidence that the graphic will stick to the surface for the life of the application.  The excellent permanent adhesion makes it perfect for applications such as rubbish bins, port-a-loos, wall graphics and general signage" explains Arley Grey, Marketing Manager of Avery Graphics and Reflective Solutions.

“This product has excellent printability and handling on all latex, eco-solvent, solvent and UV curable ink-jet printers, providing consistent, high quality images every time,” states Arley.

With a wide range of ICC profiles already available, exceptional printability, a high gloss finish ensuring vibrant colours, and excellent permanent adhesion, Avery's MPI 2006 Hi-Tack delivers you peace of mind when your application surface is difficult and demanding.