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Local News

Warmer Weather Brings Outdoor Graphics Opportunities

17 May 2011

We all have it – spring fever! And that means we're outside a lot more. For businesses and brands, there's a new place to put messages – literally on the street, sidewalk and sides of buildings.

As summer approaches, more and more sporting events – golf, baseball, tennis, soccer and volleyball games and tournaments – both professional and amateur will be taking place. What better way to drive traffic to the baseball stadium than decals installed on the sidewalks leading to the stadium or at the bus stops surrounding the stadium? These locations are also the perfect places to promote the food and drinks served in the stadium.

There are also festivals, conferences and brand campaigns that, when graphics are installed outdoors, catch consumers' attention, generate lots of impressions, are cost effective and ideally suited for street graphics.

Now the question is what products to use? Avery Dennison offers a range of digital, opaque and translucent films that are ideal for window graphics, short-term applications like bus stops and outdoor signage. All the product options are on our website, www.averygraphics.com.

One of our newer products, MPI 6121 Street Graphics film, is ideal for sidewalks and streets. It features patent-pending micro-fracture technology that enables the film to conform to very rough surfaces by fracturing and conforming to them. Colors really pop with excellent print performance that is ideal for digital UV-curable inks and receptive to solvent and eco-solvent inks.

MPI 6121 Street Graphics film is a 1.8 mil non-PVC film designed for rough outdoor surfaces and street graphics – it's durable for six months of foot traffic and three months of vehicle traffic, making streets and sidewalks a canvas for promotional graphics.